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Hello and welcome to air2share feed.  

Each podcast will feature one of our Airbnb stays or an Airbnb discovery from a traveler. We will talk about the Airbnb’s locations, amenities, expectations and reviews.  Along with information on the Airbnb’s local activities, sights, tours, eateries and foods to try. We will end each episode with a unique discovery from Donna’s “Airbnb Wish List.”


Mar 7, 2018

Another great AirBnB Experience, in addition to learning how to make Udon noodles, we got a great tour of Tokyo's Hino district. Donna's wish list takes us to the beautiful Dordogne region of France.  

Nov 10, 2017

On this podcast we take our friend Marit on a British Columbia Road Trip.  She has never stayed in an Airbnb and on this trip we make her stay in four. Wait until you hear her reaction.  We stay in a charming and quaint Airbnb called "The Nest" in London-like Victoria, then continue up Vancouver Island to the bustling...

Oct 26, 2017

Donna calls in from the road, visiting small Midwestern towns and cemeteries on a genealogy trek with her parents and sister. She’ll share adventures from places most people don’t visit – including an Airbnb in Pendelton Indiana.

With all this talk about cemeteries, we turned this into our Halloween special....

Oct 13, 2017

Our Bag of Shame Trash, Super Duper Host in Oaxaca, and Smoke on the Water near our Lausanne Airbnb in Switzerland.  

Oct 6, 2017

A room in Cajun Country, Jeff’s Personal Crawfish Boil in Breaux Bridge, and having a blast in New Orleans French Quarter. Jeff and Donna learn about local music from Airbnb host Hugh in Lafayette, Lousiana, then head to Breaux Bridge, the crawfish capital of the world where Jeff enjoys a boil for one. Off to New...